Measuring your Window

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For quotation purposes, you’re welcome to submit the measurements of your windows to us.  For exact measurements we’ll send a technician to firm up on the measurements once you’ve approved the price.

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We need the following to provide you with a quote:

1. Width in millimeters
2. Height in millimeters
3. Positioning of handle of window (left, right or bottom)
4. What your window is made of (eg. wooden, steel or aluminium)
5. Positioning of cut-out, measured from the left corner (see notes below)
6. Positioning of cut-out, measured from left or right bottom corner (see notes below)
7. Total square meters (width x height)

Email your measurements and contact details to (or feel free to print out the form below, complete and fax to us on 0866 109 080)

Please feel free to call us directly if you need assistance – Rose 083 301 9072 (office hours)

1. Measure the opening of the window in millimeters – daylight opening
2. A wooden window has no cut-out
3. A steel window has at least two cut-outs – handle and at bottom
4. An aluminium window has at least one cut-out for the handle
5. Multiply the width by the height to get the square meters of the window ( 1000mm = 100cm = 1m )
6. The screen fits over burglar proofing – need to cut out with angle grinder when installing (1mm disk)
7. The factory will do the cut-out for any handles as required