Mosquito and Fly Barriers

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High quality, strong insect exclusion barriers

Total barrier to all flying and crawling insects. Retain natural airflow
in your home or business and keep the nasties out!


No need to fuss with interior mosquito nets!  Stop the bugs from getting in at your doors and windows!

The Corner Star Flyscreen is the product of 3 years of development and has quickly become popular in homes and industry thanks to its superior, brand-leading design.

The range and versatility of this product is almost limitless. Flyscreens can be customised for any window or door, and for any application whether at home, the office, on farms or in factories where hygiene is important and it is critical to exclude bugs.  All flyscreens are powder-coated in white or bronze, or supplied as natural anodised or with a milled finish.

Using its patented cornering system and quality materials, we believe the Corner Star Flyscreen is the leading insect exclusion barrier available in South Africa.

The Patented Corners

The patented corner system employed in all of our flyscreens is integral to the durability and versatility of the product. Our screens are manufactured to precise specifications under an exacting system of quality control to ensure a superior product. This is the only system of its kind and sets our product apart from competing brands.

The Three Channel Extrusion

The three channel extrusion is available in natural anodised (silver), or powder coated in white or bronze, or milled finish.  It accommodates multiple custom configurations. As seen in the diagram below.

The Meshing

The meshing is imported from the United States, specifically manufactured to endure higher temperatures and direct sunlight as found in warmer countries. The mesh is constructed of interwoven glass fibre and coated with PVC. This makes it strong and unsusceptible to rust or corrosion.  The mesh can be replaced without compromising the product.

Installing the Corner Star Flyscreen

Installing the Corner Star Flyscreen is very easy.  It can be installed onto steel, aluminium, wood or composite door and window frames. See installation guide